Acheface is an electronic artist from The Netherlands whose only instrument is a Eurorack modular synthesizer. His hard and distorted industrial beats have a lot of variation, but remain energetic and danceable. The melancholic melodies are inspired by 80s synthpop and 90s black metal.

The overwhelming complexity of the modular synthesizer produces unexpected musical outcomes, which are hard to attribute entirely to the human or the machine alone.

Acheface loves playing modular live sets at underground gatherings such as Gogbot (Enschede, NL), Noodlebar (Rotterdam, NL) or Bunker Noise (Aachen, DE). He is able to accompany the music with live generated visuals created by a modular video synthesizer. Independently of Acheface, the artist creates video synthesizer visuals under the monicker of The Voltage Painter.

Similar artists: Ansome, Colin Benders and The Prodigy.

Fans of hard-hitting Electronica in any form will find much to love in “Afterbooster”, with the specific method of performance promising to catch the attentions of any who enjoy the realm of modular synthesizers and spontaneous creativity!

Jon W.

Veel herrie. Ik denk dat mensen die naar herrie luisteren dit mooi vinden.

Karijn S.

[“How Soon Is Never” is] an ideal blend of synthwave with chiptune.

Christos Doukakis

Last Day Deaf